Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Waiting for VS 2015.....

I wanted to share with you what I have learn form MS Tech Ed 2015.

As all of you know VS 2015 CTP was released very recently. And they are waiting for the user feed backs for the final release.

New Features:

Create custom window layouts
enables to save up to 10 custom window layouts and quickly switch between them
Menu -> Window -> Save/Apply/ Mange or Reset Window layouts

Color management & Fade up unused component
fade up all the unused componanet & able to clean up at once with the help of lightbulb option

Colorized tool tips
when hover over collapsible outline editor display the hidden code in full color and even shows the full declaration to provide more context

Code fixes and Refactorings
When hover over an error or warning in the editor then it will often show a lightbulb with a tooltip explaining the problem. The lightbulb tells us there are possible fixes for the problem.
By right click on the code & select Quick Actions will helps to define a toll tip which contains the existing code in red & correction code in green

Debugging improved
Debugging has more extensive support for modern language features like LINQ queries, Lambda Expressions and Extension Methods, that can now be used in the Watch window, Immediate window, conditional breakpoints and other debugger contexts

Inline renaming
rename re factoring find all of the references to rename and do tons of work, taking minutes on a large solution. rename works as inline in the editor.

Diagnostic analyzer
new window appears while debugging that gives Debugger Events (with IntelliTrace), Memory Usage, and CPU Usage

with new look Start page links to recent projects, creating new projects and lots of related content and news.Solution Explorer contains lists projects, folders and files and Properties are switched to using Visual Studio-like layout. Code/XAML editor supports IntelliSense across both code window and XAML

View History
ability to monitor code change history inspecting the functions.

.Net natives
ability to configure
right click on project -> Properties -> Build -> enable Compile with ,net (not clear)

Specially thanks to MVP Walter Wong


MS Tech Ed 2015 - Dev233 - New Improvements of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 by MVP Walter Wong

B' happiiiiiii always..............!

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