Monday, February 16, 2015

Little about a Windows Mobile app

I wanted to share with you what I have learn form MS Tech Ed 2015.

Windows Phone platform commonly known as a mobile platform that provides personalized characteristic, unique experience and smooth performance. In 2014, a signature cinema chain launches a Windows Phone GCS application with Microsoft. 

I got an opportunity to listen to a speech of one of a big figure in IT about an architectural & development experience of the Golden Screen Cinema windows mobile app.

During the development life cycle they have highly focus on the following facts.

  • Identified the Platform uphill Challenges
    • iOS & Anroid already exists with high number of download
    • Customer does not understand Windows Phone from consumer
    • Windows phone platform market share is not convincing
  • Strategy
    • Differentiate itself from iOS & Anroid
    • Propose  new features & hopefully new business to generate more revenue
    • Using Hi-fidelity story-boarding to convince customers
  • Improvement Challengers
    • Better brand marketing
    • Increase application performance & reduce internet data usage
    • Support new method of payment via mobile app
    • Speed up application loading time & don't sacrifice user experience
    • Mobile application version checking
  • Increase application performance
    • Cache movie poster image offline
    • Download once & reuse
    • Reduce Flickr effect
  • Key Features
    • Voice Recognition
    • Movie poster stick to the wall paper
    • Advertising
    • Movies details & biography
    • Offline history records
    • Remainders for movie date time& snacks orders
    • Continuous client support
  • Conclusion
    • Understand platform capability during proposal stage and be innovative
    • Understand customer needs 
    • Stay connected with customers

Think different...

Specially thanks to MVP Walter Wong


MS Tech Ed 2015 - Dev216 - Journey of Developing Windows Phone Application for Cinema by MVP Walter Wong

B' happiiiiiii always..............!

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