Wednesday, March 23, 2016

C#6 comes with new features..

Final version of C# 6 having been released, with couple of new features

  • Static Using Syntax
static qualifiers can be use as a namespace reference

  • Auto-Property Initializers

ability property inline initialization rather that and initialized through constructor

  • Dictionary Initializers & String Interpolation

cleaner way to  initialize the Dictionary and Concatenate strings together

  • NameOf Expression

handling exception with less codes

  • Expression Bodied Function & Property

functions and properties in lambda expressions save you from defining function and property statement block

  • Exception Filters

define specific catch block rather than specify a condition for a catch block

  • Await in a Catch and Finally Block

useful in log tracking without blocking, asynchronous code inside in a catch/finally block

  • Null Conditional Operator

released from NullReferenceException errors handeling


B' happiiiiiii always..............!

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