Friday, May 9, 2014

Embedded Yammer News Feed

As all of us know Yammer is a social network mostly used in professionalism aspects.

So it will be nicer if possible to plug the Yammer features in to a web applications, So it will be a value added service & good marketing point too.

Yammer API reference make it easier to plug with the web application.

As per the sample code in below,

1) Embedding the yammer embedded js file to the html page where the news feed should be appear.

2) By changing the attributes in js file can activate the Single Sign on.
 its is just a configuration. According to attributes appearance of the yammer new feed can be customized.


3) Finally in the web app you can see the Yammer API & once logging user able to see the news feed as follows inside the application.

Its quiet easy way for a plug able News feed in a web application.


B' hapiiiiiii always....!

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